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This is a listing of the available technical memos by title. For a listing by topic, try this index.

Many of the early memos in this series were written specifically to address issues with ScriptServer® for OpenVMS. We now have a new Unix based printing product with a Windows client for the enterprise, ScriptServer® PAN Printing System, click on the product name to learn more about their features.



10 Printer Emulation using Software Switching
15 OpenVMS Terminal Characteristics Chart
16 DIGITAL LPS20/40 Compatibility Notes
18 SCRIPT Menu Problems
19 ScriptServer support for Tray Switching
20 Paper Size Selection for Printers with One Tray
21 Selecting Optional Letter Trays on a PostScript Printer
27 Default Settings Not Working with the PRINT Command
30 Creating Default SCRIPT Settings
43 Problems with the Bottom Margin
44 Problems Printing from System Directories with SCRIPT
46 License Error Messages specific to ScriptServer for OpenVMS
48 Using the EHANDLER Module to Capture PostScript Errors
56 Using Custom Setup Modules with ScriptServer
58 Setup Modules with PostScript files
60 Modifying ScriptServer Encoding Vectors for Custom Character Sets
63 Adding Text to Standard PostScript Flag Pages
64 QMS Crown Technology Printers
66 rangecheck Errors, or Nothing Prints Out
67 Files Only Print First Few Pages or DATAOVERRUN Errors
68 Tektronix Network Printers and ScriptServer
69 SSV v5.0-x Queue Won't Start on a Queue that Worked in a Previous Version
70 Right Margin is Truncated, or How To Get 132 Columns on a Page
71 PCL5 and PJL Support in ScriptServer for OpenVMS
72 Foreign Queues with Other Symbionts get Processed with No Output
73 Running Two Versions of ScriptServer for OpenVMS Concurrently
74 Selecting Legal Paper on a DIGITAL PrintServer 17
75 PostScript Error: undefined, offending command: TM
76 PostScript Error: undefined, offending command: ^T
77 Tray Selection on the HP LaserJet 5siMX and the QMS PS 2425
78 Creating an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) File under Windows 95 or Macintosh OS
79 Changing Lines-per-Page and Scaling in PCL Documents
80 Procedures for Creating EPS Invoice Forms
81 Strategies for FTPing from one VMS System to Another
82 Selecting Paper Trays Based on Media Type
83 Pathway for OpenVMS 3.0 Compatibility and ScriptServer
84 LPD Notes for ScriptServer software version 5.0-6 or Later
85 Printing from Microsoft Windows NT to ScriptServer for DIGITAL OpenVMS
86 Xerox Printer Compatibility with ScriptServer
87 HP 4000, 5000, and 8000 Printer Compatibility with older versions of ScriptServer for OpenVMS
88 Printing from MAC OS to ScriptServer Queues on OpenVMS
89 HP 4000 Printer Firmware Incompatibility
90 Determining Alternate Paper Tray Numbers
91 Electronic Form Compatibility Issues with LaserJet x000 Models
95 Memory Management errors
96 Using the Sample ScriptServer Software Forms
97 Using SCRIPT Facility Settings
98 Finding PostScript Printer Description Files (PPDs)
99 Apache Considerations when Installing the ScriptServer PAN Printing System
100 Obtaining ScriptServer PAN Printing System -Compatible Web Browsers
101 Enabling the ScriptServer PAN Printing System LPD Gateway
102 Gatewaying from ScriptServer OpenVMS to ScriptServer PAN
103 Discovering Printer TCP Ports
104 Printing from Mac OS X Using the LPD Gateway    
105 Printing from Web-Based Applications
106 Remote Job Submission with panpr
108 Creating a PAN lp Model Interface Driver
109 Interaction of Windows Print Spooler and PAN Windows driver
110 PAN Configuration Backup Strategies
111 Verifying Apache Configuration
112 Optimizing Electronic Forms for use with ScriptServer Printing Systems
113 Embedded PostScript Language Rules
114 Multipart Forms with ScriptServer PAN
115 gethostbyname() Failures on HP-UX
116 Using Absolute File Specifications with panpr
117 Windows Installation Notes
118 Migrating ScriptServer Forms from OpenVMS to ScriptServer PAN
119 Windows MaxUserPort Tuning
120 invalidrestore Errors in ScriptServer PAN v1.4.5
121 Selecting Flag Pages from a Different Tray with ScriptServer PAN
122 Creating a Letterhead Form with ScriptServer PAN
123 Using the ScriptServer PAN Configurable Watermark Resource
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