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ScriptServer PAN 2.0.40 now available to customers


Version 2.0 now available

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ScriptServer PAN is a distributed printing and output management system, with enterprise class electronic forms in a cross-platform environment. Its unique design provides a unified solution for printing and the creation of digital documents in organizations of any size.

With ScriptServer PAN, you can:

Centrally manage printing activities through a single web-based interface.
Control and access all features on virtually any PostScript- or PCL-compatible printer without device-specific printer drivers.
Replace any pre-printed form with an electronic version that is available on-demand.
Create PDF output - including electronic forms - as easily as printing.
Print from anywhere! Clients are free of charge and are available for Windows, HP-UX (PA-RISC or Integrity servers Itanium2),OpenVMS, Linux, AIX, AS/400 iSeries,Solaris and Tru64. In addition, the LPD Gateway feature allows access from any LPR/LPD-compatible client.
Create complex, device-independent combinations of forms and printing features that are accessed with a single click.
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