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The ScriptServer® PAN Printing System (PAN) has an LPD gateway feature which accepts jobs from LPR clients and other printing systems. ScriptServer® For OpenVMS has built-in LPR support. It's pretty easy to set up a ScriptServer For OpenVMS print queue which will forward its output to a ScriptServer PAN. One bonus of doing this is it allows jobs formatted by ScriptServer For OpenVMS to be run through the ScriptServer PAN PostScript-to-PCL translation layer and then printed on PCL-only printers.

Configuring ScriptServer PAN

Enable the PAN LPD Gateway.

Configuring the ScriptServer OpenVMS Queue

Configure a standard LPD queue. The LPD queue will be the name of the ScriptServer PAN queue which is to receive the job. Assuming that the PAN host running on the node is configured with a queue named "Hydro", the command would be:

_$ /ON="" PAN

Optionally, a PAN form can be specified along with the queue name; however the VMS queue manager will not allow the needed syntax to be directly passed, and the target needs to be defined as a logical name. Assuming (in addition to the above) a PAN form named "GatewayForm", the commands would be:


Issues To Consider

Downloading resources at queue startup

Any resources which are permanently downloaded to the printer on queue startup need to be migrated to the PAN.

Nesting flag pages, etc.

As with any prepared PostScript job which is submitted to the PAN, those from ScriptServer VMS are only subjected to minimal processing. For instance, the settings in a layout resource have virtually no effect.

Because flag and trailer pages are a global setting for all gatewayed jobs submitted to the PAN host, flag and trailer pages will nest.

SCRIPT versus Layout Resources

The SCRIPT facility of the ScriptServer For OpenVMS product serves much the same purpose as the layout resource functionality in the ScriptServer PAN Printing System product. Both are targeted towards formatting of raw textfiles. As noted above, in a gatewayed situation the settings established with SCRIPT will take precedence over any settings established with a layout resource.

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