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GrayMatter Software Introduces ScriptServer PAN V2.0.40

TACOMA, WA - FEBRUARY 2, 2013 - GrayMatter Software today announced the release of version 2.0.40 of the ScriptServer® PAN Printing System. The flagship product provides advanced enterprise-class printing servicesand output management on a distributed, network-wide basis.

Significant improvements to ScriptServer PAN include:

Improved system status display - The “dashboard” display (formerly called "process status" in the Admin > Utilities menu) now provides PAN system, running queues, and LPD Gateway status information. It uses this information to determine whether there's a problem with the LPD Gateway or dequeuer components of the system.

Browser interface initialization - A problem that occasionally prevented the browser interface from initializing properly has been corrected. The interface now initializes consistently and more rapidly.

File uploading streamlined - The browser interface screens that involve uploading file resourcess (Upload form image and Upload file resource) now prompt for the resource name after you have selected the file to be uploaded. This allows it to provide a meaningful default for the resource name, and provides useful information in the Description field for the resource.

Windows printer driver support - The Windows printer driver has been retooled to work with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 Server for both 32- and 64-bit versions. Versions of Windows prior to Windows XP are no longer supported.

Printer network connections on Windows - The management of TCP/IP connections on Windows computers has been completely reworked to prevent dequeuers from crashing under unusual conditions, such as an extended offline status from paper-out.

LPD Gateway improvements - Several changes have been made to improve the performance and reliability of the LPD Gateway:

The LPD job name, when specified by a client, will be used as the PAN job name, and will be available to PDF Broker jobs by way of the %%Title document structuring convention (using the $title placeholder in router definitions.)

If the LPD Gateway goes down for any reason, it will automatically be restarted by the PAN Administrator (panadm).

To prevent LPD Gateway activity from swamping the host machine, the number of simultandous LPD Gateway jobs is limited to eight. Jobs that attempt to connect once this limit has been reached will be able to retry their connection and connect successfully.

On installations where the LPD Gateway is running on the same host that serves the queue (the most common configuration), the job enqueueing process has been optimized so that a second copy of the job's data file can be skipped.

The LPD Gateway now accepts print jobs on installations where the User Password Required security feature is enabled.

New TransFormat processing support - A new Postscript dictionary, pan$transformdict, is being maintained for all jobs printed using a TransFormat. This dictionary provides values for the total number of pages and the actual extracted content for all defined fields on each page. This dictionary can be used in combination with a resource of type other which redefines the Postscript procedure showpage to perform content dependent and page number dependent editing (also sometimes called variable data printing) on each page of a job.

Pricing and Availability

ScriptServer PAN 2.0.40is available now. Entry level pricing is $1,990 for the full server software functionality (including electronic forms) and the first five print queues. Additional print queues are available at extra cost. Unlimited client software licenses are free. Customers under software maintenance contracts receive the new version for free. For more information about ScriptServer PAN 2.0.40 features and support policies, please visit

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