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GrayMatter Software's ScriptServer® PAN Printing System is a distributed printing system which is supported on various architectures including Linux, Sun Microsystems' Solaris, HP's HP-UX and Tru64.

While not recommended by GrayMatter as best practices, it is possible under Solaris to create a printing subsystem model interface driver (MID) which makes the PAN appear as any other printer to the lp command.

Job Submission with panpr and lp

Typically, a PAN will accept jobs in a number of ways:

panpr provides a more feature-rich interface than the traditional lp/lpr.

When legacy applications already use lp and modifying them to use panpr is impractical, then there is no alternative to lp and a MID must be created to invoke panpr.

The Model Interface Driver (MID) Explained

Under the Solaris 8 printing model, the spooler communicates with the printer device via a model interface driver (MID). Solaris ships with two, standard and netstandard, which will be found in /var/spool/lp/model. These are ordinary shell scripts which can be edited with the text editor of your choice.

The MID is responsible for:

The GUI-based Printer Administrator has two different modes which correspond to the two supplied MIDs:

Creating And Using the MID

GrayMatter will provide assistance to customers who are under support.

Basically the steps involved are:

  1. Copy the Sun - supplied netstandard MID. (call it panstandard):
  2. Create a network printer with the GUI-based Printer Administrator:
  3. Replace the netstandard MID with the panstandard MID using the lpadmin command:
    cd /var/spool/lp/model
    lpadmin -p
    printername -i panstandard

That's it!

If you had a working netstandard queue which you converted as above, you can generally revert by simply reissuing the lpadmin command specifying netstandard instead of panstandard. (If you've specified custom -o options, this may not work, or may result in errors being logged when printing on the queue.)

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