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What PDF Broker
customers are saying:
"The Accounting Department just loves this program. I have never seen them so happy about anything from IT. Great job!"
– IT Manager at an electronic components distributor
"We continue to find new uses for this application. It's a real time-saver!"

–Help Desk Manager at a
major software distributor

"I have finally retired my fax machine! What an excellent office automation tool. "
– Office manager at an electrical contractor

TransFormat Designer is a desktop application for Windows or Mac OS X that allows you to redesign existing business documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Account Statements without having to modify the application software used to generate the legacy print files.

TransFormat projects are processed by ScriptServer PAN or ScriptServer Core. When used in conjunction with ScriptServer PDF Broker, instead of printing your documents, you produce a digital document that can be emailed, printed, and/or saved to an archival system, as well as being processed in arbitrary ways.

When producing documents with TransFormat:

  • get beautiful documents without changing production software
  • replace preprinted forms
  • identify "split fields" to create multiple subdocuments from a batch print
  • use any available printer font
  • generate barcodes from one of 23 symbologies
  • design new forms from your existing print files with drag-and-drop ease

Learn more about TransFormat Designer in the Technical Summary here.


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